Precision Strategy. Perfect Plays.

We see an incredible future in the industries of influence.  A revolution in communications, social media, marketing, sales, politics and information warfare.

It’s about verifying the visceral.  It’s about the management and measurement of success.  It’s about the development and standardization of universally-applicable systems.  And it’s about mastering the games and gamesmanship of our marketplaces — what we call play action.  It’s a big picture that’s coming into view, thanks in part to a host of new technologies, media and tools that make it possible.  For more, read our essays:

  • Let’s Reinvent Strategy.  Strategy is ripe for reinvention.  It needs a new generation of thinking to jump the rails from the hard assets of the industrial society to the intangibles of the creative renaissance we’re now entering.  But key to its evolution is the development of standards and systems to rationally manage and measure the work of influencers.
  • Let’s Get Atomic.  Pretend you’re Dmitri Mendeleev, the creator of the first periodic table of chemical elements.  And ask yourself, “What are the smallest and most basic units of my work?  What are my atoms?”  Are they words, reputations, tactics or maybe something different?  For influencers, we believe the answer is Strategies — the most basic building blocks for managers of communications, social media, marketing, sales, politics, and information warfare.
  • Let’s Call it a Discipline.  Whether your work is to market products or out-wit terrorists, you are a playmaker, a practitioner of applied influence.  You’re bound together by a common discipline for managing and measuring the activities and outputs of influence strategies (aka, plays).