The Taxonomy of Influence Strategies™

On the front line of the Playmaker System is the the first definitive taxonomy of influence strategies. A patented, field-tested framework that identifies, describes and classifies the irreducibly unique plays of influencers and advocates. Now in its third edition, the Playmaker System features 23 stratagems and three surrogates observed in communication, social media, marketing, sales, politics, and military information operations across industries, governments, regions and cultures.

How is it organized?  Each of the 23 named plays is assigned to one of three overarching classes (shown along The Table’s top row as Condition, Control and Confront) and then to one of the six underlying subclasses (shown in the second row as  Test, Divert, Frame, Freeze, Press and Provoke). Drill down on the table above to see the plays you run…and the plays that are run on you.

For a free printable copy of the Influence Play Taxonomy, tap here.