Playmaker Standard Guidance™

Behind every stratagem and surrogate of the Standard Table of Influence is a rich resource of standard options, expert tips and best practices for running plays and winning.

It’s your window into how the world’s most successful corporations, governments, celebrities, and grass-roots activists employ influence.  Client-tested and academically-vetted, Playmaker Standard Guidance™ details the general characteristics and outcomes of every play and surrogate in The Playmaker Influence Decision System.

  • Helps you, the influencer, calibrate your marketplace, master threats and magnify opportunities.
  • Outlines Pros and Cons of each individual play.
  • Explains how to Counter plays working against your agenda and Collaborate with — or accelerate — plays benefiting your cause.
  • Gives helpful tips for decoding which play is being used against (or with) you as you become familiar with the Playmaker system.
  • Provides instructional and entertaining examples of plays used in real-life by real playcallers.  From World War II-trickery to celebrity-stuntery, you’ll understand the irreducible moves and maneuvers of influence as never before.

It’s a must-have for fast-moving influence professionals with high-impact decisions to make.

  • Want to know the benefits of a Recast?  Click on the play and then the tab called Pros.
  • How about the downsides to running a Red Herring?  Click on the play and then on the tab called Cons.
  • Feel like something’s afoot?  Think a play’s being run…but which one?  Click the Decode tab on any play you suspect and see what makes sense.
  • Need to push back on a subtle Ping?  Click on the play’s Counter tab for guidance.
  • Looking to help a friend who just ran a play?  Click on Collaborate, the alternative to countering.
  • Want to know where or when to run a play?  Click on Purposes.

While subject to the Terms of Use, Playmaker Standard Guidance is now free.