Standard Factors of Influence™

In the management of influence, there are things you can control.  And things you can’t.

The final piece of The Playmaker Decision System is a four-part reference of the factors that describe and determine the context of plays.  Like dials on a sound engineer’s board, they are the research, variables, stakeholders and conditions that playmakers control – or are controlled by.

  • Research to Conduct.  These are means and modes for monitoring and measuring the plays of your marketplace.
  • Variables to Adjust.  These are factors you can control to optimize and nuance your plays and their effects.
  • Stakeholders to Target.  These are players and media that run the plays – for you, with you, or against you.
  • Conditions to Consider.  These assets, policies and x-factors are common to your marketplace but often beyond your immediate control.

Factors are not plays; they influence plays.  They are to influence strategies what a crystal goblet is to a fine wine, what spices are to a meal, and what wind is to a sailboat.

For a free printable copy of the Standard Factors of Influence, click here.