Cycles of Influence™

You run plays.  Plays are run on you.  Here’s how.

Supporting the Taxonomy of Influence Strategies are two hand-in-glove methodologies that explain how plays are conceived, introduced and managed in realtime for competitive and collaborative advantage.  Their benefit is to help playmakers hone a strategy, fashion it into set plays, apply those plays to a setting or circumstance, listen and gauge reaction, make another move, leave the scene, or keep managing it.

It’s all part of the process we call play action.

The Basic Cycle.  This two-player model illustrates the ongoing evaluation, planning, simulation, and execution of plays between a focal player (you) and a rival—a continuous cycle of positioning, re-positioning and de-positioning for competitive advantage.

The Full Cycle.  This multi-player model illustrates the interaction of a marketplace’s three fundamental influence cycles—a continuous coordination of contrary and complementary plays between a focal player (you), rivals, allies and independents.

For a free printable copy of the Cycles of Influence, please click here.