Glossary of Influence Plays™

We’re publishing the code!

If you walk away with one free resource from the Playmaker website, it should be the Glossary of Influence Plays.   This definitive reference is your quick-study to the names, definitions and ratings of the plays of your marketplace.

Undoubtedly, you’ll recognize some of them.  A celebrity publicist makes her buck on the back of the Peacock.  And a press secretary can Deflect and Recast in his sleep.  But do you know the difference between the Crowd and the Draft?  And have you thought about why the Mirror is so low-risk but high-reward?

These are the plays that are driving competitive advantage in communications, social media, marketing, sales, politics or warfighting.  Print as many glossaries as you need and use them for brainstorms, strategy-sessions or staff training.  Or, you can just tuck it away in your desk and use as your secret resource.

For a printable copy — best in 11 x 17 printable — please click here.   For an sturdy and elegant reference, try printing on an 80-lb. glossy paper.