The Playmaker Influence System™

The lingua franca of influence and strategy.

Playmaker is the first, complete lexicon — a linga franca for strategists and analysts of communication, social media, marketing, sales, politics and information warfare. A first for players of the soft-power game, it’s a patented three-part decision system that pinpoints, prescribes and predicts the moves and motives of influencers — from the plays of friendly allies to covert competitors to CEOs to politicos to activists and terrorists who dominate and drive our news, views and markets.

Taxonomy of Influence Plays   A definitive taxonomy of  the 23 most basic stratagems in communication, social media, marketing, sales, politics and the military, among other influence industries.  Chemists have their atoms.  Biologists have their species.  And you have your plays.  Adopted at global Fortune 200 corporations and taught at leading research universities, the Playmaker system comprises three easy-to-use frameworks:

Cycles of Influence Plays  Two hand-in-glove methodologies that explain how plays are conceived, introduced and managed in real-time for competitive and collaborative advantage. An ideal system for simulations.

Factors of Influence Plays  A simplified reference of the many factors that describe and determine the context of plays.

For a free printable infographic of The Playmaker System, please click here.