Political Management

Every move in politics is explained by plays.

Political Management, like Business Management, is a discipline where policymakers, lawmakers, campaigners, lobbyists, public affairs practitioners and others advance the democratic process.

What Political Management lacks today — and what the Playmaker Decision System delivers — is a rational, standard lexicon by which to manage, measure and mature the political process.

Does is it explain the Gridlock of Washington? Yes. The play we call the Jam is central to what’s stopping so much good work and so many good ideas. Senators saying “no” is a freezing stratagem that stops progress.

Can it solve Gridlock? It can help. Typical counter-plays to the Jam are the Mirror and the Call Out — influence strategies that hold freezing playmakers to account.

Whether you’re lobbying a cause, introducing a bill, campaigning on an issue, working as a surrogate, or simply outlining a position, you are a playmaker in politics. Your plays can be planned and run. Your plays can be known and countered. But those who know the system and the plays to run win — before and after Election Day.