Communications Management

Communicators are to influence what doctors are to medicine.  They are the power users of the Playmaker decision system — testing, framing and recasting to stay on-message and out of hot water.

Whether you’re a Chief Communications Officer, Public Relations VP, Public Affairs Executive, Analyst Relations Director, Investor Relations Specialist, Publicity Agent, Media Relations Guru, Social Media Manager or Reputation Consultant, your work is to tell stories, drive new thinking, cultivate relationships, manage reputations, activate values, collaborate with stakeholders, head off competitors, and otherwise retain the trust of a nuanced marketplace.  And the Playmaker system is your must-have resource for moving your work and your team to the next level.

Ask us about our deep experience in communications.  Or learn for yourself with our iPhone/iPad app.  We’ve got a lot to tell you.  And so do our clients.