Playmaker Simulations and Wargames

Increase your confidence. Lower your risk.

As with aviation and flight, simulation is here to stay. Especially for communications, marketing, sales, and military and government intelligence. It’s why we’re conducting Playmaker Simulator and Playmaker Wargame events at the world’s leading corporations in support of announcements, initiatives, launches, crises and more.

Through our teaching techniques and interactive tools, we help our clients reduce uncertainty, maximize reward, anticipate outcomes, stress-test strategies and message sets, and establish best practices. We answer these and other critical questions:

  • What sequences and combinations of plays are best employed to develop, drive and legitimize your agenda?
  • What stakeholders will support your team? What plays will they run to help you?
  • What stakeholders will thwart your team? What plays will they run to hinder you?
  • How will you use detractors as foils? How will you coopt their efforts to alter and improve your positioning?
  • What best practices will guarantee success?

Playmaker simulations and wargames are held virtually, on-site or at a location of a client’s choosing.

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