Training & Simulation

Practice makes perfect.

To teach and train playmakers-to-be, we offer a full family of education options, including certification courses, intensive workshops, advanced academies, simulations and wargames. Presented in North America, South America, Asia and Europe for Fortune 500s and start-ups alike, these hands-on offerings earn the highest ratings.

Playmaker Certifications provide education and training of the Playmaker Influence System to qualified individuals and teams…[more]

Playmaker Workshops are half-day or full-day Boot Camps or Clinics conducted by a Playmaker Certified Consultant…[more]

Playmaker Academy is a frontier professional accreditation course and the signature training service offered by Playmaker…[more]

Playmaker Simulations and Wargames help you to see around corners in support of announcements, initiatives, launches and crises…[more]

Our training and simulation programs answer these and other critical questions: What plays do our competitors run? What about our partners? How can we help them? What plays keep our rivals off-balance? Which plays are out-of-bounds ethically, culturally and legally? Which plays do we favor? Which plays do we avoid?

Playmaker training and simulation services can be conducted in-person, online or in combinations of on-site and virtual settings.