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It’s hard to un-see or un-hear what Alan Kelly has to show or say. His comfortable, common-sense talks have helped audiences around the world decode spin, preempt propaganda and defeat disinformation. And today they answer urgent questions about the plays that politicos, CEOs and others run on the wise and unwitting. Alan’s +50 speeches and lectures have earned top marks from top organizations and universities on four continents. To book a speech or lecture in-person or online visit this link.

Here are selected op-eds, videos and audio tracks from Alan’s portfolio.

Newsjacking a Pandemic: The Rise and Ruin of Spinformation

Strategic Communication: The Power of a Periodic Table (+video)

Edward Bernays Foresaw Our Fakery: That’s Why PR Throws Him Under the Bus

Fake News: PR’s Little Monster (+audio)

Trust Me, I’ve Got a Barometer

Dancing with the Giant: Challenging the Symmetric Paradigm (+video)

Decoding Crimea: Pinpointing the Plays of Information Warfare

Decoding Donald: Rx for Trump Haters: Help Him (+audio)

It’s Counter-Intuitive: Four Plays to Stop the Donald

How to Beat The Donald: Encourage Him (+audio)