Playmaker Team Survey

Quantify and calibrate your strategy skills.

Playmaker Team Survey™ is a perfect first step to a Playmaker engagement. Its purpose is to assesses your team’s strategic acumen, competitive readiness, collaborative capacity, resources and policies. Based on the Taxonomy of Influence, the results offer eye-opening answers to these and other questions:

  • What plays does your organization intuitively understand and employ?
  • What plays does your organization shy away from or not run at all?
  • Is it a policy, practice, culture or rule that takes a play are off-the-table?
  • What is your ability to run plays? Or to defend them?

Surveys are administered through a 20-minute online questionnaire. Tap here for an actual Playmaker Team Survey report, based on System 2 and scrubbed to ensure client-confidentiality.