Play Action Signature

Know a player’s moves.

Play Action Signature‚Ą† is a one-of-a-kind snapshot of a player’s tendencies set against the Taxonomy of Influence Strategies. Where does a player live on this table? Why and why not?

  • Solves the measurement conundrum by tracking the plays employed by your content creators.
  • Baselines an individual’s or organization’s strategic range.
  • Demonstrates over time where progress is being made in your organization and where it’s not.
  • Helps in the on-boarding of new employees by mapping their influence and strategy tendencies against a quantifiable metric, the Playmaker taxonomy.
  • Offers to busy organizations a snapshot of where and how their foes, friends and fence-sitters play the game.

Shown right is the Play Action Signature of the Dream Speech by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Click here to read our study.