Play Action Report

A quick-read on the plays that matter. And options to consider.

Play Action Report℠ breaks down the games and gamesmanship of your allies, adversaries and others. Tailored to track your hottest issue, a competitive threat, or developing opportunity, it answers these questions:

  • What plays did my friend or foe just run?
  • What are the implications of these play(s)?
  • How are third-parties (i.e., media, analysts and partners) speeding or slowing these plays?

Play Action Reports can be expanded to look ahead and answer key questions:

  • How will other rivals counter these plays?
  • How will other allies accelerate or complement them?
  • What are your options to bend, blunt, or flip these plays?

Play Action Reports typically contain two to three short-form summaries of relevant developments in your marketplace. Each item is linked to news sources and, of course, the precise plays that describe the item. Reports are ideal for read-outs at team meetings.

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