Play Action Map

See the game. Play the game.

A Play Action Map™ will show you what’s never been seen before—the actual strategies of your marketplace. Not the tactics, but the moves and motives that drive the execution.

With Play Action Maps, you’ll spot the patterns, sequences, trends and tendencies that shape opinions, perceptions, behaviors and decisions. And you’ll know the answers to questions like these:

  • Are we driving our issues? Or are we reacting to others?
  • Can we change the game? Can we slow or stop our rival?
  • What partners are helping us? Who’s dropping the ball?
  • Are we being lured? Are they taking the bait?
  • What plays are behind the messages, anecdotes and ideas of our marketplace?
  • What play, precisely, is changing the game?
  • Can we counter or complement it for mutual or competitive advantage?

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