Research & Measurement

Decode your market. Dial in your game.

Whether it’s quick answers to quick questions or deep analyses of complex problems, the Playmakers offer a spectrum of research and planning services to keep you in control of your marketplace. Based on the Taxonomy of Influence Strategies, you’ll know what games are being played in your marketplace, and what to do about it.

Play Action Map™ paints a picture of the actual plays of your marketplace. Not the tactics. But the moves and motives behind the execution…[more]

Play Action Signature℠  is a one-of-a-kind snapshot of a player’s unique tendencies, like the habits of rival bloggers, opposing communicators and competitor CEOs…[more]

Play Action Report℠ tells you what plays your friend or foe just ran and options to consider…[more]

Competitive Intelligence  It’s table stakes in today’s most saturated and contested markets to track a rival’s activities, This can amount to rolling reports of price points, features and benefits, claims, positions and plans of a crafty competitor. What’s missing, however, from the CI mix is the analysis of the oppositions plays…and the insights of why they’re running them.

Playmaker Team Survey™ assesses your team’s strategic acumen, competitive readiness, collaborative capacity, organizational capability, resources and policies. The results are eye-opening…[more]