Software & Licensing

Power Your Analytics with SPINDEX™


SPINDEX BY PLAYMAKER instantly and accurately searches spoken and written content for the signals of influence strategies (i.e., influence plays, rhetorical strategies and spin).

It’s for money managers who know a sentiment score but who are looking for the motives behind corporate messages. It’s for media who know they’re being spun but don’t know the play that’s being run or how to counter it. It’s for intelligence analysts who bend and blunt propaganda but lack a common vocabulary to know more and move faster. And it’s for brand and reputation managers whose success relies not just on the plays they run but on the plays their customers and competitors run on them.

SPINDEX is a breakthrough in alternative data analytics. It combines the power of machine learning and text analytics with the patented, precise and proven Taxonomy of Influence Strategies. Available in beta to qualified partners for testing, licensure or integration, it can be downloaded or accessed through PaaS or SaaS models.

If you’re looking to power-up your analytics platform, contact us. After all, what good is all that data if you don’t know the plays behind it?