Precise Advice

Whether you’re launching a product, managing a crisis, fencing with an opponent, or proactively implementing a program, you have a hotline for precise advice and a sounding board with no bias. We work with you to keep you in control of your unpredictable and fast-moving marketplace.

Strategy Execution  Playmaker helps you and your team develop the skills and stomach set strategy on-the-fly and execute it. It’s what call play action, the intersection of strategy and tactics in a nonstop game of influence. See the Cycles of Influence for details.

Crisis Management  Everyone’s an expert when a crisis comes calling. But only Playmaker can identify precisely the influence plays that created the crisis and those that will bail you out. Combined with a simulation or wargame, your team will know more quickly what to do and how to do it.

Reputation Management  Savvy organizations don’t manage their reputations, they prosecute them. Reputations, after all, aren’t won and lost on sentiment and likability scores. They’re won and lost on good plays and bad plays.

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