Consulting & Speaking

Precise advice.

Whether you’re launching a product, managing a crisis, fencing with an opponent, or proactively implementing a program, you have a hotline for precise advice and a sounding board with no bias. We work with you to keep you in control of your unpredictable and fast-moving marketplace.

Strategy Execution Do you read and react fast enough to your market? To the realtime threats and opportunities that make or break your revenue and reputation? In the social media era there’s little choice but to play the game and few excuses for pleading ignorance. Playmaker helps you and your team develop the skills and stomach set strategy on-the-fly and execute it. It’s what call play action, the interplay of strategy and tactics in a nonstop game of influence, illustrated in our Cycles of Influence infographic.

Risk Management  Is a rival’s play an innocent check on you and your position? Or is it a prelude to a full-blown offensive. Playmaker expands the traditional reach of risk management from the physical to the intangible. By breaking down the blurred processes of sales, marketing and PR, we help you see more precisely the movements, consequences and results of these less-structured functions.

Crisis Management  Everyone’s an expert when a crisis comes calling. But none can illustrate with such precision the influence plays that created the crisis and those that will bail you out. Combined with our one-of-a-kind simulations, Playmaker helps you recognize, solve and move beyond your biggest problems because we accelerate your ability to weigh your actions and the market’s response.

Reputation Management  Savvy organizations don’t manage their reputations, they prosecute them. And they do so through the plays they run for mutual and competitive advantage. Reputations, after all, aren’t won and lost on sentiment and likability scores. They’re won and lost on good and bad plays.

Provocative talks.

Looking for a speaker your team will remember? Looking for content they’ll put to work? Playmaker CEO Alan Kelly is a reliable provocateur of the status quo. His seminars, talks and lectures to the most respected companies and universities consistently receive the highest ratings from professional and academic audiences. Below are favorite subjects of Kelly’s wit and wisdom and their companion op-eds:

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