Services & Apps

Pinpoint, prescribe and predict the moves of your market.

Is a rival breathing down your neck? Are activists wreaking havoc? Is fake news or propaganda confusing your network? These are just a few of the reasons our clients and partners call us. And here’s how we help them:

  • Research and Planning decodes and controls the games and gamesmanship of your marketplace. [more]
  • Training and Simulation perfects the plays you run, reveals the plays you don’t, and practices the plays you should. [more]
  • Consulting gives you a hotline to precise advice on fast-moving and complex competitive issues.
  • Applications, Integration and IP Licensing add motive and strategy to your analytics platform, a prohibitive point of difference in the crowded spaces of sentiment, emotion and behavior detection. [more]

The Playmakers can tailor any offering to your needs.  For more information, contact us here.