Mitt’s Sketchy Moments

March 22, 2012

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Despite his Etch-A-Sketch moment, and the plays that Santorum and Gingrich are desperately running to leverage the gaffe, former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney is likely off-the-bubble and finally on the way to his Grand Old Party’s nomination – the non-brokered typed.  To Mitt’s chagrin and relief, he is savoring the sturdy aphorism: Republican aren’t in love, but they’re in line.

With Illinois in the bag and a dominating delegate lead, now’s a good time to jot down the plays that got Romney this far, and those that almost did him in.

  • Screens that worked: (1) My executive business leadership, (2) our struggling economy, (3) your jobs, (4) and my wife.
  • Screens that didn’t:  (1) I’m Ronald Reagan, even better looking, and (2) every attempt to act like a Southerner, hunter or NASCAR fan.
  • Deflects that worked:  (1) I’m not here to talk about contraception, I’m here to talk about jobs, and (2) Well, you get to ask the questions you want to ask, and I get to give the answers I want to give.
  • Deflects that didn’t:  (1) I’m not here to talk about Seamus, I’m here to talk about jobs, and (2) Gee, really, did I write an op/ed about letting the auto industry fail…?
  • Labels that worked:  Santorum is an economic lightweight.
  • Labels that didn’t:  I’m not a politician.
  • Preempts that worked, kind of:  (1) My healthcare bill worked for Massachusetts (just not the other 49 states).
  • Preempts that didn’t:  (1) When I’m running against Barack Obama…, (2) When I’m in the White House…
  • Surrogates that worked:  (1) Rush Kiss-My-Ring Limbaugh, and (2) Jeb As-Soon-As-It’s-Obvious Bush.
  • Surrogates that didn’t: (1) Chris Christie (they never believed him), and (2) The Donald (Mitt doesn’t gamble).
  • Passes that worked:  On social issues.
  • Passes that didn’t:  On his personal taxes and Mormon faith.


Posted by Alan Kelly

Photo Credit: The Daily Kos