Hillary Miniseries Evokes Failed 2008 Inevitability Campaign

August 6, 2013

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Few ideas come out of the blue, and the inspiration by CNN and NBC to produce a non-fiction miniseries based on Hillary Clinton’s political career could hardly be an exception.  The question, in other words, is whose idea was it?  With the aphorism in mind that there is no such thing in politics as coincidence, one wonders how the idea was conceived and in whose political petri dish.

Hint:  It was Hillary.  And she’s not on vacation.

To the GOP 2016 planners, the idea of a Hillary primetime cable series is contemptible support for an undeclared candidate by the unchecked liberal media.  And so Reince Priebus, Chair of the Republican National Committee, has taken to running plays on the planned production, starring the oscar-winning actor Diane Lane.  Though he risks popularizing the work through his own gamesmanship and notoriety, Priebus’s play is a high-risk two-fer:

  1. A Trump to preemptively sully and reposition the miniseries as an in-kind donation to the candidate-in-waiting and a gross violation of journalistic integrity.
  2. A Call Out on liberals housed safely in the fourth estate — chardonnay sippers with the Hollywood glitterati, Priebus is implying.

How has Team Hillary responded?  Well, with a Pass, since there is no official campaign to date.  She or her shadow surrogates need only sit on the sidelines, measuring the reaction in what amounts to a live and public focus group.  But CNN and NBC have risen to their own defense, running Recast plays to suggest that the petulant proxy, Mr. Priebus, should judge their work upon its release, not the the motives of its producers beforehand.

It’s a pat on the GOP’s head and a response that will earn a counter from Hillary haters and Republican spin strategists.  Surely they’ve gamed this out, yes?

CNN and NBC might argue that a Hillary TV series is newsworthy and merited, but while we are left to guess who goosed who to pitch the project, it leaves the telltale sign that Hillary’s first play is to promote her inevitability, not only as the DNC nominee but as POTUS.

Vote for Hillary.  It’s Gonna Happen Anyway.

But then we’ve seen that movie already, and it wasn’t a Republican who quashed Hillary’s preordained 2008 presidency.  It was the kid from Chicago whose lunch plates Hillary has lately taken to nibbling on shaded White House patios.

Post by Alan Kelly

Photo credit: perezhilton.com