MEASURING UP PODCAST: The Systems Beneath Strategic Communications and PR

October 31, 2020

“The mission of the Institute for Public Relations is to illuminate the science beneath the art of public relations. And I see a lot of [Alan’s] work as the epitome of just that.” — Mohammad Hamid, Chair, IPR Measurement Commission on the Measuring Up Podcast

Many in public relations, communications and related fields think my ideas are heresy. But maybe they’re getting through. With a hat tip to the Institute for Public Relations and its Measurement Commission Chair Mo Hamid, here’s my take in full or by topic below on the clever art of influencers and the clarifying systems beneath it.

  • PIONEERS OF STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS: From Regis McKenna to Andy Cunningham to Joe Jennings [1:45 to 2:40]
  • WHAT WE HAVE TO UNLEARN: The propaganda of PR education [2:40 to 3:18]
  • THE PLAYMAKER ORIGIN STORY: What inspired the Playmaker Taxonomy [3:18 to 4:52]
  • REALITY CHECK: Trust, reputation and purpose vs. newsjacking and spinformation [5:45 to 8:15]
  • MY BEST FRENEMY, JIM: Symmetry meets strategy [9:49 to 11:30]
  • PR’s STRUGGLE WITH THE TRUTH: Beautifying what’s not necessarily beautiful [11:30 to 13:48]
  • EXPLAINER #1: The Taxonomy of Influence Strategies (including sharks and snakes) [14:35 to 19:07]
  • EXPLAINER #2: The Cycles of Influence [21:28 to 23:30]
  • EXPLAINER #3: The Factors of Influence [24:00 to 25:37]
  • THE NEW IMPERATIVE: Post-COVID requires comms to compete [28:25 to 31:03]
  • THE FUTURE OF MEASUREMENT: Influence strategies are the atomic units of PR practice. Let’s measure them and their effects. [31:04 to 32:09]
  • DECODING SPIN: Previewing SPINDEX®, Playmaker’s AI spin decoder [32:10 – 33:29]


Post by Alan Kelly

Permissions provided by The Institute for Public Relations