Standard Guidance Updates

February 19, 2013

Hi Playcallers,

All systems evolve.  Here are some recent updates to ours.  Remember that all Standard Guidance updates push automatically to The Standard Table of Influence on your Playcaller App and on the the web-version:

  • Ping
    • Related Term Additions: “Foreshadow” and “Allude”
  • Deflect
    • Related Term Subtractions: “Jujitsu” and “Parrying (as in fencing)”
    • Related Term Relocation: “Change the subject” has been moved to Recast
    • Related Term Relocation: “Detour” has been moved to Red Herring.
  • Screen
    • Related Term Addition: “Analogy”
  • Recast
    • Related Term Subtraction: “Diversionary Proof”
    • Related Term Addition: “Euphemism”
    • Related Term Addition: “Change the subject”
  • Mirror
    • Related Term Addition: “Juxtapose”
    • Related Term Subtraction: “Compare”
  • Call Out
    • Related Term Addition: “Invective”


That’s all for now folks.  Drop us a line if you have any questions.