Soap Box Heckler: PR is Not a Profession

April 16, 2019
Last week at the 2nd Annual IPR Bridge Conference I asked a panel of PR scholars if they were comfortable with the title of their talk, “How Public Relations Theory Matters to the Profession.”

In my experience, the term “profession” is too easily and often breezily attached to a trade that shuns licensure and seldom suffers for any abuse of its many clever practices – particularly its systematic exploitation of a gasping Fourth Estate.

The moderator was miffed but admitted that PR is aspiring toward professional status, not yet arriving. For my needling I was dismissed as a soap box heckler but not before one panelist suggested that critical questions should be critically considered.

Here’s my recent take on where the $20 billion PR trade stands and (spoiler alert) the false idols and false claims too many of its leaders fashion to bear hug nobility and deflect accountability in the fake news era.

Post by Alan Kelly

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