PLAYS FOR THE PLANET: How Bad Strategies Drive Divisions

November 12, 2021


Resistance to climate change is by now a head-scratcher, but a new poll confirms deeply different takes on its reality and reasons. How’d we get here? The Taxonomy of Influence Strategies holds some answers…

While Democrats use the Contrast play to sound the climate crisis alarm (The science is overwhelming!) Republicans tap the Recast to cancel the liberal’s case (You’re using climate to advance your environmental agenda.).

By way of framing plays GOP influencers shift the climate change narrative. They use the strategy called Invoke to attach hated rivals to global warming. Al Gore, Michael Moore, the UN, GreenPeace, etc. are posterized to color the motives for a cooler earth.

While conservatives might say their motive is to balance a run amok green agenda progressives take it as a Bait. Now it’s war as Dems use Call Outs to negate then transfer the slander they resent.

Result: One giant pissing contest.

If consensus is the goal, then clearly the plays our political parties run on and around climate change are wrong. They illustrate cancel culture and betray our clergy for compromise.

So what plays should we run?

Any play in the provoking family of strategies (especially the Bait and Call Out) is bound to enflame. If agreement on the climate crisis is the goal, these are not the plays of a win-win game.

If anger, even revenge, are what drives our political parties to punish climate promoters and deniers, respectively, there is the adult option to Pause, the play that lower tempers and open ears.

Finally, if ego and pride are what heats the climate war there is hardly a better play to run than the Concede because misstatements and hyperbole can always be walked back.

Post by Alan Kelly


Visit the online Influence Taxonomy yourself and see if you agree. What plays should we run, left or right, to cool our warming planet? I’m all ears.
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