Thank You: Playmakers Roll Out 2.0 System and App

September 17, 2012

Today, we officially launched our Playcaller App and our new 2.0 Playmaker Influence Decision System.  What began as an idea in 1995 progressed through the Playmaker system 1.0 (a.k.a., The Playmaker’s Standard), the publishing of a book (The Elements of Influence), the founding of a company (Playmaker Systems, LLC), world class engagements with Fortune 500 companies and research universities (we’re forever grateful for your support), and the newly updated 2.0 ontology.  We can go on and on about the details, but that’s why we have news releases.

For us, today is just as much about reflection as it is about promotion.  We serve the influence industries, and we depend on the expertise and feedback of our loyal users in sales, marketing, communications, social media, and military information operations for feedback and new ideas.  So much of your DNA is in the new 2.0 system that we had to memorialize it in a white paper.  So many of you asked for a portable and easy-to-use Playmaker resource that we gladly built an app for that.

But beyond anything else, today is about pushing the boundaries of what we know — and what we still don’t — in the influence industries.   Standards, systems, common operating languages, and professional operating units are required in this day and age for the advancement of any self-respecting and self-regulating profession.  The industries of influence are no exception, and without them, we are like chemists without a periodic table or musicians without the notation system.  These frameworks give us the ability to teach, repeat, experiment, and explain our successes and failures.  With your support, we’re all a bit closer to this lofty yet attainable goal.

Thank you.

The Playmakers