Ontology Updates

October 4, 2012

Hi there Playcallers,

We’ve made minor updates to the Playmaker ontology this week that we want you to know about.  Among them, which you can find reflected in Playcaller Pro™ on your Playcaller App or in the web-version of The Standard Table, are as follows:

  • TRIAL BALLOON (TB).  Under Cons, we corrected an idiomatic typo.  In the fourth recommendation, it now reads “If you tip your hand…” rather than, “If you tip your hat…” (Poker and baseball…they’re easy to mix up.)
  • TRUMP (TR).  Under Related Terms, we added “Prebuttal.”

As you know, the Playmaker ontology is always a work-in-progress; an amalgamation of best practices and expert guidance.  Drop us a line with comments and recommendations.

Thanks for you support.


Photo Credit: Whatpoll.com/madscientists