News Flash: Playcaller and Web Table Just Got Smarter

November 4, 2014

From Pings to Peacocks, Strategists Can Tap +1000 Free Options and Prescriptions to Manage and Master Marketplace Games

Playmaker today announced that Playmaker Standard Guidance, a proprietary repository of +1000 options, prescriptions, cases and tips, is immediately available in new free versions of the Playcaller iOS app, downloadable here, and the online Standard Table of Influence here.

Updated continually through ongoing research, client engagements and graduate-level instruction, the easy-to-use advice feature provides expert insights and exhaustive details of the 24 strategies and three surrogates of the company’s patented influence decision system.

Standard Guidance - iPhoneFig. 1. Shown above on the new version of the Playcaller App are suggested standard counterplays for the Bear Hug, one of four freezing strategies in The Standard Table of Influence. Shown in the orange-outlined box, Standard Guidance gives users unparalleled detail of all 24 stratagems in the Playmaker system, their makeup and market characteristics. Download the Playcaller App here or view details for the Bear Hug play online at


“From PR to politics, the industries of influence need an atomic framework that promotes understanding, transparency and mastery,” said Alan Kelly, founder and executive director of Playmaker Systems. “To accelerate this exciting possibility, we are making the core of our recommendation engine free to our app and online users in communications, social media, marketing, sales, politics, military information operations, intelligence and elsewhere.”

Terms of use, trademarks, registered copyrights and patents, which generally restrict commercial uses of Playmaker intellectual property, remain unchanged and may be viewed here. Playmaker Standard Guidance was marketed originally as Pro Content in the online table and Playcaller Pro in the Playcaller app. Each was priced at $4.99 per registered user.