August 3, 2021

The dilemma that faces western nation information warriors is not dissimilar from what challenges private sector communicators. It’s about ethics and integrity, as Jessica Brandt at The Brookings Institution details in this excellent piece.

What may still be missing is a fuller understanding of information plays as detailed in the Taxonomy of Influence Strategies here.

Covert plays like Decoys and aggressive plays like Call Outs erode a democracy’s credibility and mortgage the public’s permission to operate.

Likewise, conventional plays like Deflects and Recasts are precisely what bad actors crave from their opponents.

What can work if skillfully employed is what’s uncomfortable and even unthinkable: The use of strategies like Bait to proactively engage rivals and actually accelerate their platforms. The risks are higher but so are the rewards.

It’s about putting sunlight on the logical fallacies that support bad guy messages and taking control, firm and fair. Response, after all, is never where leaders want to be.

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Post by Alan Kelly

Image credit: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace