GOOD DEFENSE: Intel Runs Plays to Blunt and Borrow ASML’s Innovation

January 10, 2022

With a hat tip to my friend Lou Hoffman of The Hoffman Agency and this discerning post, here’s a play-by-play on how Intel is finessing a threat to its innovation brand:

Viewed through the framework of the Taxonomy of Influence Strategies (shown) there are two plays at work:

  1. RECAST, a diverting play that re-forms (i.e., re-casts) a prevailing or encroaching perception (in this case, that Intel might be falling behind the more innovative player, ASML).
  2. CROWD, a freezing play that helps #storytellers force leaders to share their wealth (in this case, ASML, which makes what maybe we’d have expected from Intel).

This is a good example of playing good defense and evidence that Intel’s innovation is also in its communications.

Post by Alan Kelly