October 12, 2012

Some light news to report from Playmaker HQ this Friday.  First, we’ve updated the ontology to account for some election-lingo that’s been burning up the airwaves but missing from our system:

  • PING (PG).  Under Related Terms, we added “dog whistle.”
  • JAM (JM).  Under Related Terms, we added “firebreak.”

Second, believe it or not, we had never thought to count the precise number of prescriptions, options, and tips contained within the Standard Guidance™ resource of The Standard Table and the Playcaller App.  So we did.

The answer, as you might have guessed, is 1,004.  That’s right!  Just over 1,000 counters, collaborates, pros, cons, examples, purpose and decode tips total between the 24 plays and 3 surrogates of The Playmaker System.  And this number is expected to grow as the ontology matures.

Signing off for this week,



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