Playmaker Standard Guidance

Behind every stratagem and surrogate of the Playmaker taxonomy is a rich resource of more than 1,000 options, expert tips and best practices for running plays and winning. It’s your window into how the world’s most successful corporations, governments, celebrities, and grass-roots activists employ influence.

Industry-tested and academically-vetted, Playmaker Standard Guidance™ details the general characteristics and outcomes of every play and surrogate in the Playmaker Influence System.

  • Outlines risks and rewards of each individual play.
  • Explains how to counter the plays that are working against your agenda or complement those that are helping.
  • Gives helpful tips for decoding which plays are being used against (or with) you.
  • Provides instructional and entertaining examples of real plays in action, from World War II trickery to celebrity stuntery.

It’s a must-have for fast-moving influence professionals with high-impact decisions to make.

  • Want to know the benefits of a Recast? Tap on the play and then the tab called Rewards.
  • How about the downsides to running a Decoy? Tap on the play and then on the tab called Risks.
  • Feel like something’s afoot? Think a play’s being run…but which one? Tap the Decode tab on any play you suspect and see what makes sense.
  • Need to push back on a subtle Ping? Tap on the play’s Counter tab for guidance.
  • Looking to help a friend who just ran a play? Tap on Collaborate, the alternative to countering.
  • Want to know where or when to run a play? Tap on Conditions.