THE BOOK: The Elements of Influence

In 2006, Playmaker President and Founder, Alan Kelly, published The Elements of Influence: The New Essential System for Managing Competition, Reputation, Brand, And Buzz (Dutton 2006/Plume 2008).  In it, Alan detailed the first complete ontology of influence, known today as the Playmaker Influence System.

The text was groundbreaking for its raw originality and clarity of thought and its publication quickly laid the foundation for the founding of Playmaker Systems, LLC, a DC-based idea lab and consultancy and developer of systems and standards for analysts, strategists and students of influence. The Elements of Influence received critical praise across disciplines and professions:

  • The Wall Street Journal lauded Alan for “making us look at the time-worn faces of the business world in a fresh and freshly ordered way.”
  • Silicon Valley technology consultant and author Geoffrey Moore dubbed Alan, “the Bill Walsh of marketing and positioning strategy and tactics.”
  • Veteran political campaign strategist Dan Schnur said of The Elements of Influence, “this is the ultimate playbook for communicators and campaigners of all stripes.  If you work in politics, business, or elsewhere, keep a copy of the book on your desk and give copies to your staff.”

There are various ways to read or access this seminal text:

  • Purchase The Elements of Influence on iTunes here or individual copies (in hardcover or softcover) on Amazon.
  • Contact us to purchase the book in bulk (6 copies or greater) for use in business and academia.