Tuesday Webinar: Skip the Vanity Metrics, Let’s Measure Motive

February 11, 2018

In a free webinar this Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. ET, Playmaker founder and chief executive Alan Kelly will challenge the value of conventional media metrics and propose new conventions that reveal motive and intent.

With host and research guru Mark Weiner, CEO of PRIME Research Americas, Kelly will preview System 3, the third edition of his firm’s ground-breaking Playmaker Influence System, a patented and proven decision system that allows analysts, strategists and students of influence to detect, decode and predict the strategies and motives of allies and opponents alike.

“Communication is a non-stop game of social plays,” says author, political commentator and tech PR veteran Kelly. “For most, it’s a quest to increase awareness, burnish a reputation or retain trust. But these are soft and beautified standards that numb the expectations of PR and communications. What’s required are not the vanity metrics of likability and admiration but precise knowledge of the moves and motives that control markets.”

Well known for his pointed critiques of the PR industry and its supporting associations and academies, Kelly will also discuss his provocative op-eds, notably Trust Me, I’ve Got a Barometer and Fake News: PR’s Little Monster.

Visit this link to register for the webinar.