Playmaker Chief Publishes ‘Dancing with the Giant.’ IJoC Feature and Video Challenge Grunig, Symmetry Comms Theory

November 1, 2013

Playmaker Systems Founder and Executive Director Alan Kelly has authored an article recently published in the International Journal of Communication.

Available here, “Dancing with the Giant.  The Playmaker Influence Decision System: Challenging the Symmetric Paradigm with an Industry-Tested Periodic Table of Influence Strategies,” describes the patented table and ontology of the 24 irreducibly unique stratagems.

As Kelly writes in the piece, “Strategy is no longer monolithic. My theory and vision of strategy speak to the possibility that there is an entire system of stratagems heretofore unexplored and undocumented that are different from conventional operational strategies and, in fact, basic to the processes of communication and influence. It informs our progression from industrial economies to creative societies, where the plans and ploys we use to manage what is tangible—from battleships to potato chips—are now the plays we run to manage what is utterly intangible but undoubtedly valuable, like reputations and brands.”

A complementary video debate series between Kelly and Dr. James E. Grunig, communication scholar and principal author of The Excellence Theory, appears on the Playmaker Systems Video Tutorials page and on the Playmaker Systems YouTube Channel.

IJOC_Video Screenshot 1

From left, Alan Kelly, Host/Moderator Steven Drake, and Dr. James E. Grunig engage in a discussion about The Playmaker Influence Decision System. Watch the series here.

IJOC_Video Screenshot 2

Playmaker Systems Founder and Executive Director Alan Kelly describes the merits of The Playmaker Influence Decision System in a moderated debate. Watch the series here.

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