Sales Management

Successful salespeople follow a process: Identify. Nurture. Close. It’s an ageless convention that’s etched in the Taxonomy of Influence Plays.

Ordered left-to-right by degree of engagement, the 23 strategies of influence fall into groups that every salesperson will recognize:Condition a prospect by probing and framing. Control a discussion by diverting and freezing. Confront a threat by pressing and provoking.

Our breakthrough system animates the selling process like no other. It identifies and prescribes the plays to run…and the plays that are being run on you.

Q: Why did the customer commit? What play sealed the deal? Was it the Crowd that kept us at the table?

Q: Why did the customer walk? What play did the competition run? Was it the Decoy that changed their mind?

These are the questions that Playmaker can help answer. For each influence strategy, there are risks and rewards to consider. There are counter plays to calibrate your selling strategy. And there are cases to consult for comparison.

Ask us how we can accelerate your sales cycle. You’ll see the game — and play it — like never before.