Military and Government Intelligence

The twenty-three weapons of information warfare.

Information warfare is an asymmetric affair. Not only because non-state actors play by different rules (sometimes no rules at all) but because state actors run old-school plays.

The Playmaker Influence System updates the playbooks of MISO, IO and other non-kinetic disciplines with a precise and proven decision framework. It names, organizes and richly describes the character and capabilities of the 23 most basic units of influence strategy, five of which embrace key military strategies. As such, it synchronizes the language of information warfighters and shortens their time-to-know:

  • Islamic extremists are experts in symbolism, so it’s the Invoke strategy they put to work. They’re as careful to say what they do as what they don’t, so it’s the Filter they also prefer.
  • China, the cradle of strategy, is prone to limit information first and divert attention second. Central party operatives run unapologetic Jams on free-thinking activists. And they employ Decoys to distract others from their methods.

Using Playmaker’s comprehensive Standard Guidance resource, commanders quickly calibrate the threats and potentials of the plays that support their influence operations.

  • The symbols or issues an enemy might liken to its cause can be dissolved with Pings and Recasts.
  • The disinformation that rival-red players wash through their propaganda machines can be countered with Reflects and exposed with Baits.
  • The channel that insurgents jam can be un-jammed through well-placed Decoys and even obvious Peacocks.
  • And the rhetorical ruses put down by fake news tweets can be diverted by counter-intuitive Concede plays and overt Call Outs.

In the tradition of the OODA loop, Playmaker helps in-theater influencers observe, orient, decide and act with precision. With SPINDEX, our first-of-a-kind competitive intelligence tool, analysts and war fighters use AI and machine-learning techniques to pinpoint, profile and predict the moves and motives of competitors and collaborators.

Ask us about our strategy maps, wargames, simulations and software and we’ll show you how Playmaker can help win hearts and minds, one play at a time.