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Plays for the Presidency 2020

November 11, 2019

PLAYS FOR THE PRESIDENCY 2020 is where chemistry meets strategy. It’s where the Taxonomy of Influence Strategies (aka, the first periodic table of spin) pinpoints the moves and motives of presidential hopefuls. It’s how we decode the plays they’re running, the supporting plays their allies employ and, most important, the counter plays of their rivals. Read on!

With 2020 Hindsight: Told You So!

November 5, 2019

As we enter 2020 it’s clearer than ever that Donald Trump can’t be stopped through conventional strategies of influence. Framing plays that recast his narratives are muted, call outs on his lies are oddly irrelevant, and baits of his ego seem only to fuel it. Our very unconventional 45th president thrives on conflict because he and his […]

Influence Strategy: The Plays That Delivered The Donald

November 9, 2016

With gratitude to the terrific team at SiriusXM POTUS, our coverage of the plays for the 2016 presidency began 26 months ago, Aug. 27, 2014 with Joe Biden drafting his boss, Jeb Bush running coy deflects, Chris Christie finessing the Bridgegate label, Hillary Clinton booking prime-time preenings, Ted Cruz holding a crouch-to-pounce position, Rand Paul lofting trial balloons, and Rick Perry […]

Plays and Politics: Explaining Hillary’s Defeat

November 2, 2016

Theories abound on the fate of flight MH370. The Malaysian jumbo jet, which disappeared 30 months ago, has so far eluded the sagest of investigators and the smartest of technologies. It was out of control when it vanished, they are now saying. As we head toward election day 2016, we are about to wonder if the same has […]

Final Debate: How Hillary Beat The Donald, and The Donald Beat Himself

October 29, 2016

We might have thought that the big news of the third and final presidential debate was Hillary Clinton’s continuing mastery of the bait play and her ability to taunt a very teasable Donald Trump. Either that, or Trump’s improving performance in the very spare theatre of two podiums and one capable moderator. He wasn’t so bad, most […]