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Chief Diversion Officer: What Leaders Can Un-Learn From Mitt

March 12, 2016

If you’re a CEO in the habit of telling media what to think, think again. There are other plays and ways to drive your agenda. Consider the recent unforced errors by Mitt Romney who, after trashing Donald Trump, was asked by Meet The Press host Chuck Todd why he so happily accepted Trump’s endorsement four years […]

How to Beat ISIS: It’s Counter Intuitive

November 25, 2015

Developed nations, and most especially The United States, have long been frustrated at their poor ability to do what diplomats and politicos carefully call winning hearts and minds. From the Cold War to what Pope Francis lately calls a piecemeal World War III, the effort to wage peace and democracy has come in predictable waves of recognition: America […]

Plays of the Panther, and Other Mind Games

November 23, 2015

In games of spin, it’s the arenas of politics, business and entertainment that thrive on plays of influence.  Less so in sports where laws of physics trump rules of rhetoric. But there is overlap.  Consider the mind games that frequent fields of play: THE COACH of a favored team who heaps praise on the underdog.  The play is a […]

Perceptual Jail: How Surrogates Can Bail You Out

November 5, 2015

One wonders if someone in the music business knows a thing or two about surrogates.  If so, their handiwork offers a lesson to the people and organizations who occasionally fall prey to popular ire. In recent months, streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music, have been posterized by artists as modern-day greed machines.  Though […]

How to Go Negative and Stay Positive

October 29, 2015

Listen in to this companion podcast.   A decade ago I went against the current of the American dream and headed east.  I have yet to be disappointed because what Washington, D.C. offers over Silicon Valley is a constant carnival and living laboratory of influence strategy.  A perfect petri dish in which to grow and […]