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November 15, 2005

Hedge Funds

Plays and Playmaking are not always about beating the competition. In many cases, Plays can be run between you and your own company, a close ally, or an organization in which you have a financial stake. But when it’s your intention to nudge or negotiate with a friendly player, you needn’t be limited to the left side of The Playmaker’s Table.

Wage Mart

November 8, 2005

Wal Mart & Minimum Wage

On Monday Oct 24, Lee Scott, CEO of Wal-Mart urged Congress to raise the minimum wage. This may be seen as altruistic, showing that the retail giant cares for its employees and for low-wage workers throughout the country.

Ad Pull

November 2, 2005

Kraft Foods

Monday’s Wall Street Journal reported that the decision by Kraft Foods to limit advertising to children is garnering positive reaction in Congress. Studies linking advertising to children’s obesity have made their way to Congress and two bills have been proposed to regulate advertising to kids. Seeing this, in January 2005, Kraft Foods ran a Preempt and announced that they would no longer advertise certain foods to children under 12.

Brand Awareness

October 25, 2005


Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) make the guts of everything from car engines to microprocessors. They are the unsung heroes of all that is integrated, packaged, and sold by brand name manufacturers. Their lot in life is to make Six Sigma-perfect components for imperfect margins. One quiet OEM, a $5 billion Taiwanese company called BenQ, maker of LCD monitors, mobile-phone handsets, digital cameras and notebook computers, wants to change all that.

Chip Shot

October 18, 2005


Advanced Micro Devices, or AMD, makes microprocessors and flash memory and continues to grow its niche of high volume, low-priced chips. They have long followed in the wake of market leader Intel, taking incremental market share from the chip giant. Not content to Crowd Intel, AMD wants to Draft and overtake them. In September 2005, for the first time, AMD sold more microprocessor units than Intel.