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Recast Redux: It’s Like a Cover of a Classic

August 8, 2016

The Recast is one of four influence plays in the framing category of the engage class of The Standard Table of Influence. Are you asleep yet? Okay…here’s a simple way to think of it: It’s like covering a classic. Take, for example, the Simon & Garfunkel hit, The Sound of Silence.  There’s this original (top). And then […]

We Need a Language for Spin, Believe Me

July 28, 2016

Call it influence, persuasion, manipulation or propaganda…we need a language and a system to understand spin.  From politics to psyops, from marketing to sales to PR to advertising and beyond, we need to know the moves and motives that fuel these increasingly powerful functions. Whether it’s a soap maker wooing wrinkled women, ISIS social media radicalizing young Muslims, or […]

Fast Framing Plays Forced Brexit, Poisoned the Remain Campaign

June 27, 2016

Here’s a crisp analysis from HBR on Brexit: Why the Remain Campaign’s Persuasion Strategy Backfired According to persuasion gurus Steve Martin and Joseph Marks it was the connection of the immigration issue to the Leave campaign that triggered and controlled the historic referendum. Through the lens of The Standard Table of Influence, this is easily decoded as […]

Confession was this Attorney’s Key to a Credible Commencement Address

June 14, 2016

In this season of commencement speeches, it’s the big venues and big name we usually read about. Here, below, is a speech well off the celebrity radar but equal in craft and conviction. The speaker is Patrick Hoover, a successful children’s defense attorney, based in Maryland, who last week addressed the 2016 graduating class of the Montgomery […]

You Run Plays…Well, Not if You’re Japanese

May 12, 2016

Prof. Erin Meyer at INSEAD has produced some interesting work on culture, expression and emotion. This chart, published in The Washington Post, resonates. Having conducted workshops on influence and strategy for scores of professionals in Europe, Asia and North America, it confirms what might otherwise be dangerous stereotypes. It’s not too hard to know when […]