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SENTIMENT IS FINE. Now what about motive?

July 13, 2021

Sure, sentiment is fine. But what about motive? To know what the competition is planning (not just saying) measure their strategy instead.           #AI#measurement#strategy#message#analytics #sentiment #motive  

TWITTER STRATEGY: Columnist Michael Gerson Uses Factors to Influence

March 17, 2021

There’s no doubt that in the influence business the play is paramount. But what about the variables that influence the influence –what in the Playmaker Influence System is called Factors of Influence? Conservative columnist #MichaelGerson knows that message matters, but it might be how he packages, times and repeats his content that makes his tweets […]

EXCERPT FROM BEYOND POST-COMMUNICATION: Macnamara’s New Book Challenges and Provokes

January 20, 2021

FEW SCHOLARS see their field as clearly as Jim Macnamara, the prolific professor of communication and public relations, and fewer still give balance and voice to what is contrary. I was glad then to be interviewed by Jim for his new book, Beyond Post-Communication: Challenging Disinformation, Deception, and Manipulation, and thankful for his even-handed treatment of our […]

200 TWEETS: Pompeo’s Plays Expose His Motives

January 16, 2021

Outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is lately running plays…200 tweets worth. But what are they? And what’s behind them? Inspired by Jeffrey Lewis‘ dissection in Foreign Policy of the Secretary’s handiwork, Kings College grad Katherine Nichols took a look at the Secretary’s game through the lens of the Playmaker Taxonomy. Below is a summary of her analysis […]

PODCAST: Mapping and Decoding Information Warfare

January 13, 2021

WHETHER AT HOME in the Capitol or abroad in the Kremlin, the plays we run are the strategies that shift positions and points of view. Please listen in to this important podcast, hosted by the Information Professionals Association, to learn how disinformation, misinformation and what I call spinformation can be mapped and decoded for collaborative and […]