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ON THE HILL: Political Plays in the Ukraine War

March 20, 2022

SUNDAY SHOW Watch Alan Kelly’s live TV breakdown of the influence plays of the Russia-Ukraine information war. #IO #stratcom #influence #strategy

DECODING UKRAINE: Video Breakdowns of the Ukraine-Russia Information War

March 15, 2022

IF INFORMATION IS THE NEW MUNITION, strategy is the weapon that frames and freezes it. Watch these short videos featuring Playmaker chief Alan Kelly for insights on the influence strategies (aka, influence plays) behind the Ukraine-Russian war.

PLAYING OFFENSE: Radical Transparency is Competitive Communications at Work

February 18, 2022

In a recent @TwitterLive session of information operations and open-source intelligence gurus we heard Miboro’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Andrew Weisburd, praise the Biden administration for using “radical transparency” to control the Russian-Ukraine narrative. His insight might mark a very big turn, not only in our battle with disinformation but in the low-risk and largely non-competitive practices […]

PLAYS OF EMPIRES: How Cyril Schooled Nestorius

January 24, 2022

Cyril of Alexandria vs. Nestorius of Constantinople A case analysis of influence strategies in a pre-modern conflict. by Guest Blogger Julian Köck In the first couple of centuries of its existence, Christianity underwent a rather chaotic time of schisms and fights for influence. The interests of bishops for improving their status regularly led to prolonged […]

PLAYS OF THE PANDEMIC: How Trump, Biden and Their Surrogates Have Spun Covid

January 12, 2022

Alan Kelly recaps his plays with On the Hill’s Tom Fitzgerald. In the covid era, you’d think the greatest challenge would be more about medicine than politics. But no. The game and gamesmanship of influence looms large as we struggle to contain and explain the virus and the confusion that’s come with it. By way […]