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House of Hacks: Charlie Rose and Cameos

May 31, 2017

Netflix subscribers were served a fifth season of House of Cards this week as nagging questions were answered: How will they draft Trump? How will they stay relevant? Can they keep it real? Without spoiling anyone’s binge, two of TV news’ finest — Ann Curry and Charlie Rose — were cast in cameo roles. Nothing wrong with that! reporter […]

Trump’s Plays are Crazy: Is Mueller the Tipping Point?

May 18, 2017

Friends figure I’m busy these days. Referring to Donald Trump’s malpractice of Influence Strategy and the taxonomy of 24 plays that organize them, they assume my head is spinning. This is true, but not of the plays the president runs. He’s pretty basic in the strategy department. What’s mind boggling is that the counter-plays to his many red […]

How Heineken and Trump are Driving Me to Drink

May 3, 2017

Beer lovers breathed a sigh of relief this week when the Dutch beer conglomerate, Heineken, plopped a five-minute feel-good spot onto YouTube. Through shared experience and, of course, shared beers, haters befriended hatees in a modern-day group hug. Finally, a company that’s not tone deaf, was the expressed sentiment by social media and storytellers alike. Set against […]

Peacocks and Red Herrings: Fresh for 100 Days

April 26, 2017

At the 100-day mark of his presidency, one thing is clear: Donald Trump is still mugging before the golden drapes of the oval office and his base is still cheering. According to an ABC/Washington Post poll, a mere four percent regret voting for him. Never mind that his single achievement is the installation of a Supreme Court justice […]

How Transparency Strangles Strategy

April 19, 2017

What do the Trump White House and Apple Computer have in common? Not much, save for their obedience to secrecy and a shared distaste for transparency. Apple is notoriously closed mouthed, particularly when it comes to product designs and release schedules. The Trump administration, too. Take, for example, its plan to put a five-year seal on White House visitor logs. […]