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e-Commerice in a Recession

October 12, 2008

We still feel pretty good about this year, but I worry about next year and beyond, said Brian J. Pitz, an analyst at Banc of America Securities, when asked to comment about the financial prospects of e-commerce giants eBay and “Are people going to spend when they canAot get home equity lines of credit, a student loan or a car loan'”

Rowdy McCain Crowd Runs Labels in Wisconsin

October 9, 2008

There were cries of “Nobama” and “Socialist” yesterday at a McCain-Palin town hall gathering in Waukesha, Wisconsin as a passionate crowd pleaded for McCain to turn up the heat on Obama.

Cranky CBS Reporter Calls Out Obama Campaign Staff

October 8, 2008

After a year of covering the Obama campaign, CBS reporter Dean Reynolds is fed up: “Requests are often ignored or denied by the campaign staff, terrified that the candidate might have to wait 20 minutes to chronicle what [Obama’s] just said. And one more thing, the Obama airplane smells bad too.”

Plaxico Perplexes Giants Management

October 7, 2008

After being suspended and docked a game’s pay for failing to report to team meetings, Giants WR Plaxico Burress announced he was “OK with it [the suspension], and didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.”

Germany Goes One Step Further to Avert Financial Crisis

October 5, 2008

In a bid to reassure nervous Germans, the government said on Sunday it would guarantee all private German bank accounts Ai a dramatic move to designed to prevent panic withdrawals.