Video Tutorials and Podcasts

Alan Kelly Video Series

Tutorials and perspectives by Playmaker Systems’ Founder & Executive Director


Play-by-Play Video Series

Brief tutorials on each play and surrogate in The Standard Table of Influence

  • Assessing plays:  Discover the one subclass and three plays of the Assess class.
    • Test subclass includes the Trial Balloon (TB), Ping (PG) and Pause (PZ).
  • Conditioning plays:  Discover the three subclasses and eleven plays of the Condition class.
    • Divert subclass includes the Deflect (DF) and Red Herring (RD).
    • Frame subclass includes the Label (LB), Screen (SN), Recast (RC), and Filter (FI).
    • Freeze subclass includes the Lantern (LN), Disco (DX), Mirror (MI), Bear Hug (BG), and Jam (JM).
  • Engaging plays:  Discover the three subclasses and nine plays of the Engage class.
    • Press subclass includes the Fiat (FT), Challenge (CH), Crowd (CW), and Draft (DR).
    • Preempt subclass includes the Crazy Ivan (CZ) and Trump (TR).
    • Provoke subclass includes the Peacock (PK), Call Out (CT) and Bait (BT).
  • Independent plays:  Discover the one play of the Independent class.
    • Independent class includes the Pass (PS).
  • Surrogate players:  Discover the three players of the Surrogate class.
    • Surrogate players include the Partner (PAR), Proxy (PXY) and Plant (PNT).


Plays for the Presidency™ Podcast Series

Non-partisan analyses of notable plays by savvy politicos in their runs for The White House.  Podcasts from live segments on SiriusXM POTUS 124.