If it’s business battles, presidential politics or strategy-speak you crave, these blogs are for you.

Playmaker’s Blog  Personal posts by Playmaker Founder and Chief Executive Alan Kelly. An insider’s take on strategy, from musings to major studies in the industries of influence. Follow @playmakeralan for companion tweets.

Decoding Donald  A nonpartisan code-cracking of strategies of spin and the war between President Donald Trump and the Fourth Estate. An authoritative analysis of the plays presidents run on news media, and vice-versa. Follow @decodingdonald for companion tweets.

Plays for the Presidency Back in 2020! Non-partisan analyses of notable plays by savvy politicos in their 2008, 2012 and 2016 runs for The White House.  Features companion podcasts on SiriusXM POTUS. Follow @playmakeralan for companion tweets.