Adi Chikara is a product and technology advisor, an expert in the design and development of sustainable revenue models and businesses through effective product, technology and user engagement strategies. Adi has helped bring more than 100 digital products to market.

Adi has helped numerous organizations build high performing teams, and devised systems for scale and drive growth. He has served in various management, product and technical roles at enterprises, startups and consulting organizations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Adi held key research and consulting roles in European Union-funded initiatives. He is a military veteran and retired officer of the Royal Engineering Corp of the British army and holds a master of science degree from Imperial College London and a bachelor of science degree in engineering from the University of London, U.K.

Adi’s connection to Playmaker? He headed the team that designed and delivered SPINDEX, the first AI-based prototype for the detection and scoring of spin.

Mohammad Hamid is Managing Partner of Radian-Partners, an innovation services company focused on supporting high-growth companies launch new products, raise capital, and scale.

As a consultant Mo finds the strategies that solve “fuzzy front-ends” and “innovation-execution gaps” to launch and grow breakout innovations. As a bridge to his clients’ funding needs he often works with family offices seeking investments with economic and social impact potential.

Prior to his current role, Mo led high-growth technology companies, Unison and Conadus, where he held executive roles in technology and business development. His experience spans the chemical, medical device, energy, automotive, health insurance, and financial services industries.

Mo’s connection to Playmaker? He serves as the chairman of the Measurement Commission of the Institute for Public Relations, an organization for which Alan Kelly served as a trustee for five years. They have a common interest in systems-based research and transparency in the global practice of communications and PR.

Cyrus Irani is CEO and Co-Founder of MetroGuild, a global provider of advanced cloud-based marketing and sales solutions.

Cyrus is a 30-year technology veteran and entrepreneur whose career spans workstations, networking, email, mobile data, decision support systems, WiFi and CRM. He has held executive roles in both public and private companies, from chief executive to engineering management, product management, business development, support, professional services, sales and marketing.

His diverse professional experience ranges from early ideas on napkins to a NASDAQ IPO, from Fortune 500 companies (Xerox SDD and Teradata) to startups (Retix, Vertel, Strix, and EchoMobile).

Cyrus’s connection to Playmaker? He and Alan Kelly are advisors to each other’s companies and long-time friends, having sung together in their Los Angeles area high school jazz choir.