INFLUENCE IS A GAME of moves and countermoves. A blur of social strategies that position, reposition and de-position. For a few it’s instinctive. For many it’s critical knowledge. Playmaker knows this game. Precisely. Our touchstone is like no other.


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“The Playmaker decision system is the Rosetta Stone of Influence, the system of systems that unlocks the myriad meanings and leanings of the mainstream and social media in boardrooms and battlefields alike. It presents us with the process and tools to convert data streams into operational strategies”

— Col. Mike Daily
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Playmaker Founder to PR Industry: Tell the Truth, Stop Abetting Fake News

This Friday, Playmaker Chief Alan Kelly joins the fake news panel at the Institute for PR Bridge Conference at Georgetown University. His position: PR doesn’t battle fake news, it abets it. His challenge: Curb PR’s abuses of the 4th Estate. His mission: Measure the motive, not just the message. 

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Words are Public. Strategy is Secret. Not for Long.

Seth Grimes’ Sentiment Analysis Symposium, held this week in New York City, proved again to be the place for miners of data gold. But presentations on bots, voice and emotion suggested something bigger. Human analytics, anyone? Playmaker chief Alan Kelly helped stretch the agenda with his talk, Beyond Sentiment: Mining for Strategy and Motive. To […]

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Decoding Donald™

Trump's Strategy Signature: Plays of the Annenberg Analysis

The analysis published this week by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication, “Disruption, Demonization, Deliverance, and North Destruction: The Rhetorical Signature of Donald J. Trump,” moves us closer to solving America’s most unusual president. As well, its descriptions of Donald Trump’s foremost persuasive characteristics — what the authors Prof. Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Doron […]

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