You run plays. Plays are run on you.

Influence is a game of moves and countermoves. A blur of social strategies that position, re-position and de-position. For a few, it’s instinctive. For most, it’s a learned and necessary skill.

Playmaker knows this game. Precisely. We help our customers and clients decode, simulate and predict the plays of partners and opponents alike. Our touchstone is a system like no other. Exhaustive. Patented. Authoritative.


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“In the Elements of Influence, Alan Kelly emerges as one of the most original theorists in years. Shrewd practitioners will use his system, while scholars scientifically test it, far into the future.”

— Frank E. Ovaitt, Jr.
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Plays for the Presidency™

Influence Strategy: The Plays That Delivered The Donald

With gratitude to the terrific team at SiriusXM POTUS, our coverage of the plays for the 2016 presidency began 26 months ago, Aug. 27, 2014 with Joe Biden drafting his boss, Jeb Bush running coy deflects, Chris Christie finessing the Bridgegate label, Hillary Clinton booking prime-time preenings, Ted Cruz holding a crouch-to-pounce position, Rand Paul lofting trial balloons, and Rick Perry […]

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Playmaker's Blog

IPR Symposium Showcases a Powerful, Conflicted Craft

The recent Institute for Public Relations Research Symposium, held Nov. 29th in New York, was a knothole in the fence that surrounds the cultish and chronically confused public relations and communications industries. Peering in and tweeting out, I had to marvel at the IPR’s clever reflection on the roles and reasons for the functions and their supporting […]

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Trump v. Ryan: The Plays Behind the Feud

Playmaker Systems today released a one-of-a-kind analysis of the feuding presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump, and U.S. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Called Trump Versus Ryan, the study offers a unique illustration of select influence strategies (aka, plays) that each has employed to bring the other to a political heel. Believed to have commenced when Trump made his infamous […]

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