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Playmaker equips analysts, strategists and students of influence with the tools, techniques and training to decode, predict and control the plays and players of their markets – from allies to competitors, CEOs to politicos, and activists to terrorists. Our services and spin-decoding software are ground-breaking. Our touchstone is like no other. Patented, perfected and precise.

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“Alan Kelly’s playbook reads like an insider’s field guide to the ins and outs of positioning warfare. Master it, and you can play with pros anytime.”

— Geoffrey A. Moore
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RESPONDING IS LOSING: How Trump, Zuckerberg and China Out-Play Us

Something needs to be said about the strategy of response: It’s a loser’s game. Responding to an attack, rant, brag, insult or lie – whether planned or improvised – seldom slows or stops aggressors. More often it revives them. Consider four examples: TRUMP PLAYS When President Trump decries Democrats as far-left fascists he stirs the […]

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What's the Ontogeny of Your Ontology?

Good readers of The Elements of Influence know of my father's own influence on the making of The Standard Table of Influence Strategies.  He's Dr.

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Decoding Donald™

Trump's Lesson for Communicators: Be Fast

For all the plays that President Donald Trump runs it might be speed more than strategy that gives the president his unique political edge. Even when he’s been beaten. In the wake of a midterm thumping, Trump delivered another clinic in perception management and information warfare. By 8 a.m., he tweeted to House Democrats that […]

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