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Playmaker equips analysts, strategists and managers of influence with the tools, techniques and training to decode, predict and control the plays and players of their markets – from allies to competitors, CEOs to politicos, and activists to terrorists. Our services and spin-decoding software are ground-breaking. Our touchstone is like no other. Patented, perfected and precise.

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“Alan Kelly’s Playmaker system is an elegant theory, carefully conceptualized and tested over many years. Few match its sophistication and no comparable practitioner models exist. While most of the strategies are asymmetrical, the combination of the Playmaker and Excellence theories provide complementary and contrasting explanations of how public relations is — and should be — practiced.”

— James Grunig
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INFORMATION WAR: Playmaker Videos Break Down the Strategies of Ukraine-Russia

If information is the new munition of war, then influence is the weapon that fires it. Find out in this series of two-minute videos what strategies are powering and plundering the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

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Playmaker's Blog

ON THE HILL: Political Plays in the Ukraine War

SUNDAY SHOW Watch Alan Kelly’s live TV breakdown of the influence plays of the Russia-Ukraine information war. #IO #stratcom #influence #strategy

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Decoding Donald™

Trump's Lesson for Communicators: Be Fast

For all the plays that President Donald Trump runs it might be speed more than strategy that gives the president his unique political edge. Even when he’s been beaten. In the wake of a midterm thumping, Trump delivered another clinic in perception management and information warfare. By 8 a.m., he tweeted to House Democrats that […]

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